Information agent in a provincial park in Alberta

The Writing-on-stone Provincial Park in Alberta, with outstanding landscapes, offers summer jobs each year as an information agent. If you are dynamic and organized, you have an opportunity to work in this magnificent surroundings with over 17 km² and show tourists its various attractions.

Variety of tasks :

Visitor centre information agent 

  • Receive and inform visitors about recreational activities and learning experiences in the park
  • Advise visitors about local and regional attractions
  • Take care of the cash register and make debit and credit transactions
  • Promote and make sales in the gift store and sell tickets for excursions
  • Clean the displays
  • Plan and prepare events

Camping store information agent 

  • Take care of the cash register and make debit and credit transactions
  • Perform central reservation and registration system operations
  • Provide tourist advice to visitors to the park and environmental attractions
  • Maintain and clean food services operations
  • Participate in preparing some dishes and renewing stock

Interview with Suzanne Lodermeier, visitor centre coordinator 

Who is this position for ?

This position is mainly aimed at young people 19 to 24 years old, but we also have semi-retired people. The key is to have excellent customer service skills: being open, outgoing, with a lively team spirit and able to address a more or less large group of visitors with clarity and brevity. Perfect spoken and written proficiency in English is a minimum, knowing another language is an asset.

How long do the duties last ?

These are generally full-time seasonal jobs (a few part-time jobs are also available) lasting 4 months. However, some can last only 2 months and others 5 to 6 months.

What are the hiring processes ?

We generally study CVs and presentation letters in January. The candidates chosen are then interviewed and those selected will have a security investigation before final hiring.

Testimonial by Julie Wehlage, experienced information agent 

For the last 5 years, Julie Wehlage has spent her summers at the Writing-on-stone Provincial Park. What could be more normal for the native of this area, passionate about nature and animals – as attested by her diploma in Animal Health Technology, Bachelor’s degree in Science and current studies in Animal Sciences.  

Why do you work in the park every year ? 

Having grown up in the park, I love to be involved in it, share my knowledge with visitors and listen to their stories. In addition, the place is a magnificent work environment, with a very rich history.

What about the atmosphere between colleagues ? 

The atmosphere is very good. The various crews (interpretation, maintenance, information agents, forest rangers) are very close-knit and know each other well, thanks to the barbecues and campfires arranged by management after work hours. Finally, the working environment is very good and reflects on relations with visitors.

What is the primary quality that an information agent needs to have ?

I would say, without hesitation, listening, active listening. It is very important to understand that the customer wants the agent to offer appropriate suggestions and advice. I remember an unhappy customer that wouldn’t buy a ticket for a guided tour and after listening carefully I realized that what he really wanted was to see the rock art. I then proposed a visit to Hoodoo Trail in a unique setting.

On personal level, what does this experience do for you ? 

For one thing, this experience lets me develop my oral communication, self-confidence and listening abilities. I have also developed very good relationships with some visitors that I keep in contact with. network