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What Challenges Does a Neighbourhood Organic Grocery Store Face

Organic products are popular. According to QuébecBio, the number of businesses holding an organic certification went up from 1,592 in 2017 to 2,025 within a single year while the number of local organic products reached the impressive figure of 9,500. Points of sale of organic products have also multiplied in recent years. Located in the […]

Company life

How to Stay Cool at the Office

Do you work in an non-air conditioned workplace?  Do you stay in front your computer, it’s heat being a real torture? Follow these tips and you can keep the temperature at a bearable level. Eat well What does it mean to eat well? When it’s hot, it’s a matter of eating small quantities, but more […]

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How to Find a Summer Job at the Last Minute

Summer is well underway but it’s not too late to find a job. Here are some tips for late-comers, offered by blogger and employment counsellor Zineb El-Alami. 1. Activate your network. Facebook is not only for entertainment – it can also be useful to find a job! But you still have to let your needs […]


How to dress well in the office in summer

Summer temperatures are still bearable, but they will soon climb and provoke the usual headache about dress code among all employees – how do you dress to stay professional without suffocating?  Pay attention to what you reveal In the professional context, one thing is always true: do not show too much. But in summer, there […]

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A Summer Job and a Good Salary… It’s Possible!

According to Statistics Canada, 55.2% of students work in the summer to pay for their studies. A summer job is not necessarily synonymous with a minimum wage. Some avenues to find a seasonal job with a good salary. A high rate of summer employment At the Carrefour Jeunesse Emploi de l’Outaouais (CJEO), the first of […]

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Should you look for a job in the summer?

Is it worthwhile keeping on looking for a job for the three summer months or would it be better to take advantage of it for a break? There are two opposing strategies, both having good arguments… Last year, a study by Huffington Post Canada found that the months that traditionally had the most job openings […]

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What you have to do to work in a camp this summer

How to find a job this summer in a day camp or summer camp. “Loving children… Wanting to spend time with them. Then being creative, resourceful and the desire to make them experience something magical.” This is the spontaneous response from Chloé Melançon-Beauséjour, communications coordinator with the Association des camps du Québec (ACQ), when asked […]

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How about Working on a Farm this Summer?

Working on a farm picking strawberries or feeding animals during the summer may seem rustic at first glance. But what are a farmer’s working conditions really like? Close-up on this profession, which requires a passion for work and a love of manual work. The Ferme des Possibles, an organic vegetable producer located in Victoriaville, has […]


Tour Guides – What Skills Set Them Apart?

Tour guide can be a dream job, because it lets you travel and share your passion and knowledge of a city, a site or a culture. However, it’s a seasonal job, often paid per assignment. How can you retain your clientele and employers? A tour guide is a professional, generally independent, who assists a group […]

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An Epic Job for This Summer?

Having a summer job that rhymes with freedom and wide open spaces… ‘Out’ with office walls and day camps! Harley Davidson, the symbol of America where anything is possible, may well make your dream come true. The celebrated motorcycle manufacturer is seeking 8 students for a 12-week ‘Find your freedom’ work placement. The 8 students […]

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4 Regions Where to Work in the Tourism Industry this Summer

Quebec’s tourism industry has annual revenues of $12.8 billion, with 31,292 establishments across the province in restaurants (50%), recreation and entertainment (21%), accommodation (18%), transport (7%) and travel services (4%), and with a large majority being small businesses (84% have less than 20 employees) and a workplace that is often enchanting. Want to participate in […]

Pay and benefits

How to Manage Your Finances as a Seasonal Worker

Summer is often the best-paying period of the year for seasonal workers. You have to be well organized to compensate for the slow winter period. Here are our tips to manage your budget! “Personally, my strategy is simple,” explains Félix Charbonneau, diver and seasonal worker. “I took my least-paying year and divided it by twelve, […]

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