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7 Good Reasons to Acquire Work Experience During Summer

Working during summer vacations is an excellent opportunity to acquire work experience in a pleasant way. Yet you are torn between taking it easy and seeking a summer job. Here are some good reasons to swap vacations for a summer job. Rebuilding your finances The first good reason to work during the summer is… to […]

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First Summer Job at 16: How to’s Guide

It’s almost the holidays. But this year, you have decided you’re going to look for your first summer job. It’s an idea that’s exciting… and agonizing at the same time. To make your project a success, here are some practical tips. Start your search as soon as possible Don’t wait until May to start looking. […]

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Micro-vacation : A mentor’s advice by Elizabeth Verwey

Mentor advice:  Micro-vacation by Elizabeth Verwey I’ve discovered a way to re-fill my cup that I want to share with you. I’m going to tell you about the power of micro-vacations. They’re short (under 24 hours), they’re refreshing, and they’re usually cheap! A micro-vacation is a break from your day to day that refreshes and recharges you. For […]

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Vacation time? Learn to delegate!

Cell phones going off at the beach, personal e-mails full of work messages. . . Do these situations ring a bell? For many people, “vacation” does not rhyme with “relaxation.” And yet, learn to delegate is a key human resources skill! This summer, gives you a few tips on how to manage your absence better. Because […]

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Summer – a good season to apply !

Are you looking for a job but have decided not to submit your CV in July and August because you think there’s no use? Mistake! Contrary to conventional wisdom, there are good reasons to submit applications in summer, provided it’s done well. Proof of motivation You could be out enjoying the sun, but instead you’re […]

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Vacation days : Canadians losing out on 26 million days

This year, Canadians will not use all of their vacation days. Do they prefer working to leisure? According to a recent study, they deprive themselves of vacation for professional or even material reasons. Some explanations. The annual Vacation Deprivation Study sponsored by Expedia and conducted by Northstar with one thousand Canadians interviewed last September found that 52% […]

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Vacations : Time to relax and unplug from work

For some managers, vacations time can bring unwanted stress and be hard to plan. Let’s see how we can address this.  Extended vacations Too many managers only take a week off at a time because they fear taking three weeks or more in a row. While the “zero cell phone/portable computer” message is quite acceptable […]

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Create jobs this summer and get funding

The applications for the 2014 Canada Summer Jobs fund have changed. The annual government run program, which creates thousands of job opportunities for students throughout the country, has moved its submission deadline to January 31 this year. Create jobs this summer and get funding ! The change was made as to allow participating employers to be […]

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Canadians think about work, even on vacation

Canadians think about work, even on vacation. Indeed, 62% of Canadians confess to checking their work e-mails and voicemail regularly or from time to time while on vacation, according to an survey. People from British Columbia have the hardest time letting go, with 68% of respondents staying in touch with the office while on vacation. […]

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Unplugging from work ! Time for vacation has published a list of 10 tips for forgetting all about work, to help you unplugging from work and take full advantage of your vacation In this era of smartphones, portable computers and iPads, it’s difficult to resist the temptation to check your messages at any time, wherever you are. With these wonderful, convenient new […]

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Summer schedules: To give a new lease of life!

Summer has arrived, and with it the children’s school holidays. Is it not a suitable time for an employer to acknowledge his employees by allowing them a little more freedom? Some companies have understood, often at little expense, and have laid down summer schedules. At the Caisse de depot et de placement du Québec, no additional […] network