Candidates advice: tips and pieces of advice to get a summer job

Some tips that could make the difference to find your dream summerjob. When should you start your summer job search, how and where to know more about students programs, why do not seize this opportunity to have a first job experience abroad? ...

Young people with disabilities : Ressources to find a job

Finding a summer job isn’t always easy and can be a real challenge for young people with disabilities, whether severe or light. However, better job equity, websites that have been developed and specific programs are designed to facilitate finding a summer job.  Summer job : An essential transition for young people with disabilities  For students […]

Summer job search guide for students

Summer job search guide – Canadian students doing a job search can find below a variety of websites and ressources, listed by category: Federal and provincial programs; Jobs by business sector: tourism, nature, youth and international.  FEDERAL PROGRAMS Canada Revenue Agency: Young Canada works : National Research Council of Canada: YouthPath: Governor General’s Foot Guards […]

Summer job search – Tips to get the most out of it

Summer job search. For students, summer represents an ideal time of year to earn some money, gain experience and confirm interest in a field. However, a student’s desire to work is not necessarily enough to get a summer job easily. Some tips to optimise your summer job search could make the difference. Ask yourself  First […]

Summer job abroad – An international ambition

Summer job abroad – an international ambition. Young people always cite good reasons to leave the family home in summer and try to get experience working abroad: learn a language more, discover new cultures, explore new countries, meet new people…    To make this dream a reality, the odds need to be stacked in their favour. […] network