Public service job for the summer — Procedure

Each year in Canada, 9,000 students take a summer public service job as part of the Federal Student Work Experience Program (FSWEP), for which recruitment is… random. Procedure.

Admissibility of students 

The FSWEP is open to Canadian students who are full time secondary or post-secondary in institutions recognized by the Program – whether the institution is located in Canada or abroad – as well as foreign students in Canada (knowing the priority is given to Canadians) and to young people returning to school the following quarter. Students who have finished their studies and will not be returning after the summer can only obtain a part time job. Students who follow a distance education program are also eligible for the FSWEP. Finally, there is the age criteria which must, of course, be respected and that depends on the province.

How to be selected…at random

Candidates register directly on the FSWEP online recruitment directory, for a renewable 12 month period (  Federal organizations seek and select 5 candidates at random from hiring criteria such as the number of years of study, skills, workplace, language, etc.  Then a hiring manager evaluates the candidates and presents the job offer to the selected applicants.

Characteristics of a public service job offer 

Aside from the fact that selection is done in a fair and equitable manner, a public service job embrace a wide variety of fields such as administration, information technologies and field, laboratory and outdoor work. These jobs offer real work experience with a wide variety of tasks and responsibilities to students who will receive remuneration based on an hourly rate that ranges between $10 and $11/hour. network