The Good Sides of a Temporary Job

Often viewed negatively, fixed-term temporary positions can nonetheless have some beneficial advantages. What are the advantages of these ephemeral jobs and why consider them?

Companies typically use temporary candidates to replace permanent employees during vacation periods, to adapt to increased production or to compensate for work stoppages and sick leave.

Laurence Perreault Mandeville is working as a temporary textile technician at the Cirque de Soleil’s costume workshop, a position that allows her to add a first notable experience to her resume. “The length of contracts offered to me varies depending on production needs and mandates. For over a year, I replaced a person on maternity leave, and I am now employed for short periods. Since I work in a very specialized sector, it’s a good way to build my expertise.”

Developing your network and reputation

Getting a temporary contract also helps you become known in your industry, as well as building your network of contacts. “Since Cirque du Soleil is recognized around the world, it is certainly an excellent reference on the job market, even if it is a short-term contract. The richness and quality of the costumes we produce make them unique, and these work opportunities allow me to perfect my technique with experienced professionals,” explains Laurence Perreault Mandeville.

The opportunity to work on various projects

Temporary jobs also provide an opportunity for workers to combine various jobs and vary their experience. When a contract ends, they can, among other things, take professional training or focus on personal projects. “This type of job lets me stay available to work on other projects that I am passionate about,” adds Laurence Perreault Mandeville. “I feel like I am strengthening the practice of my profession when I expand my field of expertise to other areas, such as fashion or teaching, for example.”

In many cases, a fixed-term assignment can transform into a permanent job depending on the hiring needs of the company or if the contract worker replaced decides not to return to the job. “For my part, I love the idea of holding several temporary jobs rather than a single permanent job. Sometimes it can cause instability, but it is certainly a source of freedom and new opportunities,” concludes the young professional.

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