Contract work, the new normal?

According to a study published by talent management solutions firm Robert Half, 29% of job seekers in Canada are aiming to find full-time contract work this year rather than a permanent position with a single employer.

Half of Canadians are considering changing jobs in the next 6 months, according to the results
of an online survey, taken at the end of 2022, of 1,100 workers across the country. The data compiled reveals that people who have been in a position for 2 to 4 years, (61%), technology personnel (57%), Gen Z and Gen Y (56%), and working parents (55%), are the most likely to change direction professionally.
More and more workers are moving away from traditional permanent employment to a contractual career. Besides that, the survey results show that 3 job seekers out of 10 would like
to pursue a full-time career as contract workers.

More contractual needs in the labour market

According to the study, part of the motivation to move into a different career is the increased demand for contract staff. One in two companies plan to hire in 2023, and 65% of recruiting employers want to retain contract workers, a proportion that has increased by 15% over the past
6 months.
The current labour shortage, which makes it difficult to hire qualified people, is causing companies to compensate for this lack of permanent resources by creating contract positions for one-off mandates.

The benefits of contract work are appealing

Becoming a freelancer, self-employed or a subcontractor is the ambition of a growing number of people looking for a job, attracted as they are by flexibility and professional independence. In a fourth survey on job optimism, responses show that 27% of respondents looking for a new job
want more flexibility to choose when and where they work.

Varied career opportunities, depending on the contract and the acquisition of new skills, are also benefits that encourage job seekers to consider contract work. This fact is supported by the
Robert Half study, which shows that 30% of them want better opportunities for career advancement

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