Summer – a good season to apply !

Are you looking for a job but have decided not to submit your CV in July and August because you think there’s no use? Mistake! Contrary to conventional wisdom, there are good reasons to submit applications in summer, provided it’s done well.

Proof of motivation

You could be out enjoying the sun, but instead you’re taking the trouble to respond to job postings and make yourself available for interviews. This is a good point in your favour that recruiters will not fail to notice.

Recruiters more available

Of course, there are vacations. But when they are in the office, recruiters are more available and more relaxed than during other periods. The company’s activity slows down in summer, which means they have time to devote to less urgent things. If you wait to September to apply, when business picks up, your CV may end up at the bottom of their priority list.

Ready for September

Incredible but true: employers like to be ahead of the game! They know that September is usually busy and they will need reinforcements. What a pleasure to get someone new on board in August so they are operational as soon as things pick up again.

Less competition

Most candidates make the same mistake – thinking that it’s not worth applying between the end of June and the beginning of September. Shhh, keep it a secret. You will be one of the few to answer ads and send spontaneous applications, so your profile will be all the more interesting for recruiters.

Better quality applications

It’s not only the recruiters who have more time and are relaxed – you too! Take the opportunity to update your CV without it becoming a real headache and set aside the time it takes to write good cover letters. You will be calmer and friendlier in the interview.

Secrets of a successful summer application: relaxation, audacity and follow-up

You can let yourself be a little more familiar and relaxed in your summer applications, but be careful – just the right amount! When sending your CV by email, for example, choose an original subject, such as “Some reading for your holidays” or “You will need me in September”. And for the interview, choose an outfit that is less formal than in normal times. Forget the tie and dare to use the colours of the season.

Summer is a good time to choose the telephone rather than a simple email. You are more likely to directly reach the person responsible for hiring. Even consider going there in person – opening the door to a company by asking if they are hiring at the moment is not always viewed highly, but in summer it is evidence of motivation and initiative.

If you apply by email and your recipient is absent, you will probably find out by an automatic reply. Leave him for a day or two to get back into the swing of things when he returns, then call back as a reminder. And if there is no news by September, try again. It could be that your CV was just forgotten in the pile of things to be done later.


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