Is It Necessary to Recruit in Summer?

After the busy periods, June, July and August arrive, HR Manager, you are thinking that you can relieve the pressure somewhat, especially t0 recruit in summer. But are you sure this is a valid strategy? Here are three good reasons why recruiting in summer is a good idea …

You have the time
Nearly all companies, from which activities are directly affected by summer events and tourism, are idling during this period. Chances are you will be less overwhelmed than in other months. Take advantage of it to look after your ads more time to resumes received qualities and shortcomings better, consult from the process due to lack of time … In this way you will be able to get better quality hires.

Candidates are motivated
Candidates are like everyone else – when it’s nice out, they do not necessarily want to be stuck in front of their computer. Answering job offers is therefore not a priority for many people, who decides, when they can, to pause their search before resuming in September. In addition, many assume that employers will not respond to them in July-August anyway. As a result, only the most motivated and those that your company are
They are the most valuable!

Be prepared for September
Of course, this is not the busiest time, but it will soon resume. Hiring people in summer who will be able to help in September, when there will be more to do, is preparing. and above all, you make sure that these new recruits are really operational by the time busy periods arrives, since they will have had a few learn about their workstation, get to know their colleagues, get used to the company operates, learn details they did not yet know, etc. They will be ready to roll up their sleeves when the time comes, instead of trying to figure out once again how photocopy works.

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