How to Stay Cool at the Office

Do you work in an non-air conditioned workplace?  Do you stay in front your computer, it’s heat being a real torture? Follow these tips and you can keep the temperature at a bearable level.

Eat well

What does it mean to eat well? When it’s hot, it’s a matter of eating small quantities, but more frequently than usual. Don’t hesitate, instead of having your lunch all at once, to divide it and take a little snack break in the afternoon. And make good food choices.  Favour fresh fruits and vegetables over things with too much fat and red meat. Avoid spicy food as well.

Remember to drink

Staying hydrated is the key to surviving hot weather. A glass of water every 15 minutes is the official recommendation. Replace your coffee break with something fresh.

Focus on your work

The mind’s power is exceptional. If you spend hours complaining and repeating that it’s too hot to work, there will be no opportunity for you to be effective, and you will even risk having to spend overtime to make up for all this wasted time, while you are dreaming of returning to your nice and cool apartment. Try to convince yourself that the temperature is not so high and focus on your tasks to be accomplished to change your ideas and finish as quickly as possible.

Equip yourself

Fan or fogger – you can ask your employer for something to cool your workstation. And if he refuses, don’t hesitate to invest yourself. There are even small fans that plug into a USB port, practical and affordable, that let you stay cool in front of your computer.

Avoid ventilating

When it is too hot, a human reflex is to open the window. But even if you manage to create a breeze, it can make the situation worse, because there is a chance that the outdoor temperature may be much worse, especially between noon and 4 pm. Close the windows, as well as the blinds, to prevent the sun from striking the glass and creating an infernal aquarium effect.

Turn everything off!

Electronic devices, especially computers, generate heat. So consider turning them off when you don’t need to them to work. Especially, don’t leave them on all night!

Think of green plants

They make shade and generate moisture and freshness. By having several green plants in your workspace, you can create a pleasant atmosphere which, in addition to being a bearable temperature, will be good for morale.

Dress accordingly

Finally, while maintaining a professional style, you can afford to dress more lightly than usual. Especially avoid synthetic fabrics, which manage high temperatures poorly, and rather favour naturals such as cotton.

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