Work in Outlying Areas This Summer? Why Not?

Outlying areas far from the big cities often struggle to find workers for the summer period. We’re doing a tour of Quebec!

Interested persons take note, the Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean regional health network is recruiting for the summer! The positions to be filled are unionized positions at an hourly rate of about $20. While a hundred of them are related to housekeeping, kitchen and laundry, about fifteen are administrative. Of course, each position has to be filled as soon as possible so the network can maintain the quality of care and services!

The subsidiary of Chantiers Chibougamau is restarting the kraft pulp plant in Lebel-sur-Quévillon, a town located in Jamésie. To attract the workforce it needs, the subsidiary is undertaking to pay 16 students who want to obtain a 1,170-hour vocational studies diploma. Selected applicants will receive $23,400 to study. Then they will work at Nordic Kraft for a salary of at least $65,000 per year. All this is not to mention social benefits and other financial incentives (tax credit, moving costs deduction, etc.)! Training begins on June 10!

In Mauricie, the labour shortage is especially bad for the restaurant sector. Indeed, while the tourist season will soon be at its peak, restaurants are struggling to recruit kitchen staff. Many kitchen assistants and counter servers are sought.

In Estrie, 94 workers will have the opportunity to follow a work-study training program in the industrial metal fabrication and automotive sectors. The following occupations are involved in this program: industrial painters, precision sheet metal fitters and automobile mechanics. The region is also seeking 180 orderlies by the summer. In fact, for all sectors combined, Estrie has 4,380 vacancies.

The benefits of working in outlying areas
In addition to offering stimulating and well-paying jobs in which it is often possible to rise quickly, there are plenty of assets to the outlying areas. These include being close to nature, outdoor activities (hiking, fishing, etc.), housing costs (often much less than in the city), no traffic (goodbye – or “almost” – to orange barrels!) as well as the community spirit. Add up all these elements and your stress level has just dropped!

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