What a Student Job Can Do For You…

Want to take advantage of the summer to relax before going back to school? What if it was rather the perfect opportunity to advance your career? Without even mentioning the pay, there are many benefits to holding a student summer job. Overview.

“These jobs are important for the rest of your career,” says Manon Poirier, CHRP and executive director of the Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines agréés. “Some bosses open summer positions to discover new talent!”

Getting to know yourself better
Accumulating experience can be beneficial for a student, if only to better understand what he likes or doesn’t like in a workplace. “It’s putting theory into practice: it opens your eyes to the realities of an environment,” explains Carolina Castro, CHRP and director of talent management and executive coach at Optimum Talent. “Getting out into the field offers the chance to validate a choice of program or to decide to change channels.”

Learning to collaborate
Regardless of the nature of the job, a student will meet up with all sorts of colleagues. It’s a great opportunity to probe your reactions to different personality types! “A summer job lets the student rub shoulders with people they are not necessarily friends with. And above all, to find out what it involves when the quality of your work also depends on that of someone else,” says Manon Poirier.

Gaining confidence
Experience is often about trust. “When I meet students who have been in the field, I see it right away. Later on, employers will be attracted by a more colourful resume and a more assertive attitude,” says Manon Poirier.

Managing your time
With studies, work and a social circle, life can become dizzying. That’s why it is so important, according to Carolina Castro, to develop your time management skills as quickly as possible. “If only by keeping an agenda and being aware of the consequences of our choices. If a student is partying, they must nonetheless be alert the next day at work.”

Building your network
Finding a summer job in your field provides the opportunity to develop an interesting network of contacts. “It’s about meeting people who can help us later, and maybe even become mentors. It’s an excellent springboard,” Manon Poirier assures us.

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