Do You Have What it Takes to Work In The Event World?

Do you dream of organizing events? Whether it’s a festival, a gala evening or a conference, the customer wants perfection. But when everything rests on your shoulders, when the pressure rises, when the key to success depends on you and your team, what aptitudes do you have to have to avoid disappointment and catastrophe?

Here are 4 important aptitudes required for event planners, according to Chantal Lapierre of the company La Fête Commence!:

  • Responsibility. The customer has entrusted you with the assignment of his event. After he has stated his requirements and shared his budget with you, it is necessary to deliver the goods. If anything doesn’t work, the solution has to be found as quickly as possible, while remaining transparent.
  • Creativity. Customers want a unique moment, an exclusive experience. It’s important not to fall back onto a cliché or be trapped by a recipe. Every customer has a different vision of the image he wants to project to his guests. He wants to make an impression that will last in participants’ memory.
  • Planning. We’re not talking here just about the date and the room, but every detail as well, which needs to be managed meticulously. It means following up each supplier, from the decor to the snacks, from the desired atmosphere to selection of music. The more precise you are when discussing with the customer, the easier will be your planning. Each little detail is important, even the text font for the invitations. Details, details, details!
  • Communication. Communication is paramount to success. Express your expectations precisely to your employees and also check the ones they have for you. Lead your teams before and during the event, keep your cool and never promise the impossible. Honesty and self-control will be your allies when great flexibility is needed.

Chantal Lapierre jokes that you need to not have a personal life to work in events! If you are aware that event organizing doesn’t mean constantly partying, you will be more likely to succeed in this field. According to Ms. Lapierre, “The passion to create and to satisfy customer expectations should be your primary motivation.”

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