An Epic Job for This Summer?

Having a summer job that rhymes with freedom and wide open spaces… ‘Out’ with office walls and day camps! Harley Davidson, the symbol of America where anything is possible, may well make your dream come true.

The celebrated motorcycle manufacturer is seeking 8 students for a 12-week ‘Find your freedom’ work placement.

The 8 students hired will ride motorcycles this summer to visit various cities (around the world), following a specific list, to attend festivals, shows and various public events.

They will then have to document their experiences and meetings on social media, sharing videos, photos, etc.

The placement is paid, with the motorcycle provided and gasoline paid for, and the participant will become owner of the machine at the end of the summer.

With this enticing offer, Harley Davidson hopes to rejuvenate its image and reach a wider audience than the baby boomers it is usually associated with.  

Participants will be selected in mid-May. For North American candidates there is still time to apply to the Milwaukee headquarters!

The ideal candidates should be over 18 years old, be very adept at content creation, creative and know how to showcase their productions on social media (only English mastery is required for these shares).

You don’t have your license?… No panic, the company will take charge of training and expenses!


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