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Head office: Oakville, Ontario
Date of creation: 1964
Type of company: public company
Sector of activity: restauration

The very first Tim Hortons restaurant was opened in 1964 by the eponym hockey star in the city of Hamilton, Ontario. The donut was then at $ 0.10! The first Quebec restaurant Tim Hortons was born in 1977, and 15 years later, in 1991, there were 500 restaurants. The growth has been exponential, in 1995 the chain celebrated its thousandth store. And for the year 2000, was inaugurated the 2000th Tim Hortons oulet in downtown Toronto. Today Tim Hortons is the largest chain of restaurants in Canada and North America. The key to this immense success with the public lies perhaps in the adaptability of the chain of restaurants: although having preserved the traditional donuts and coffee, the brand has developed and added new products to enrich its offer, as it has been able to absorb new technologies, to streamline and facilitate the operation of its outlets.

Tim Hortons employs nearly 5,000 people in North America. The channel is 51% owned by Brazilian capital 3G since 2014, but it continues to operate as a stand-alone entity although part of Brands Restaurants International, the world's largest restaurant brand. Restaurants project an image of proximity, very popular with the public, but also highly appreciated by employees, who sometimes feel they are serving the neighborhood through a 'neighborhood job'. Several levels of functions are offered within the restaurants: team member, designated trainer, supervisor, assistant manager and restaurant manager. Jobs are of course also available within the administration of the company, as well as in purchases and supplies.

Working environment
The jobs in the restaurants guarantee a great flexibility of work and flexibility of the schedules. These conditions attract many students, and Tim Hortons teams are known for being young and dynamic. Attendance at restaurants is high, and so is the pace of work, but there is a lot of help and solidarity between the employees. Tim Hortons employees also benefit from group insurance and many generous discounts on restaurant products.

Corporate culture
The company is aware of the ecological impact of intensive coffee production. It has therefore developed sustainable and equitable partnerships in producing countries, to ensure environmental conditions of crops, and positive financial repercussions for local communities. Tim Hortons supports the development of youth, through its Children's Foundation, which encourages youth from targeted neighborhoods in sport or cultural activities. The restaurant chain also occasionally sponsors national community events and initiatives.

Contact us 587 Third Line
Oakville, ON L6L 4A8
Industry Food, Catering, Beverage

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