7 Good Reasons to Acquire Work Experience During Summer

Working during summer vacations is an excellent opportunity to acquire work experience in a pleasant way. Yet you are torn between taking it easy and seeking a summer job. Here are some good reasons to swap vacations for a summer job.

Rebuilding your finances

The first good reason to work during the summer is… to earn money! Whether it’s to help your parents finance your vacations, pay for your new school year or for a personal project, it’s the ideal solution. 

Acquiring work experience

Regardless of the sector in which you find a job, you will be confronted with the reality of the working world. And who knows, you may discover a field that you hadn’t thought of that might interest you. On your next CV you will be proud to be able to add the experience acquired, which will let you find a job next year more easily. 


By working in the summer you will accumulate work experience, but above all you will meet people who may be able to help you one day. If you find a job in your field of study, you will have a better idea of your future work environment as well as making contacts. 

Developing Skills

By working, you will develop certain concrete skills, such as handling money, making deposits, filing documents, organizing yourself to work more efficiently, etc. And you will learn good values relating to work: being punctual, being reliable, being courteous,…

Learning the value of money

Working to earn pocket money will help you to have a sense of responsibility and a better understanding of the value of money. Because, no, money doesn’t grow on trees! You will also learn to manage your money better.

Avoiding boredom

In July and August, most of your friends have gone on vacation, so it’s better to get to work and occupy yourself intelligently!  At least you will not feel alone and will have many stimulating meetings. And then, admit that spending vacations in crowded resorts is not always pleasant. You can always go later or during the year when everyone else is working!

Seeing the country or going abroad

Nothing stops you, rather than working at the corner store, from finding a job in the country or abroad. In addition to gaining work experience, you will enjoy a great life experience. If you work outside the country you will discover another culture while practising a foreign language.

Of course, working during the summer is not easy. But after the effort, it’s worthwhile! You will all the more relish your free time. And then you will maintain the rhythm of your studies and this will let you resume the next year more easily!

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