Writing your CV for a Seasonal Job

Seasonal workers are frequently forced to change their employer or type of work. How can you successfully sell this variety of jobs to a recruiter? Some tips to stand out.

Grouping your experience

To give consistency to your CV, you can group your work experiences rather than presenting each one of your previous jobs separately. While emphasizing a chronological structure, you first indicate the type of position held, then the companies that you worked for, mentioning the year or years alongside each.

“If we did the same tasks in these jobs, they can be named just once, rather than repeating them under each company. In addition, mentioning only the years and not the months, an impression of continuity is more easily created,” explains Marie-Chantal Germain, Employment Counsellor at Libre Emploi, in Quebec.

Orienting your CV for employment

A well targeted CV will have more chance of catching the recruiter’s eye. “Ideally, you will bring out the positions that relate to the type job applied for. If you have other experiences, they can be put together in a section Other jobs, without listing the tasks,” says Marie-Chantal Germain. The same goes for education and volunteering – they are only brought out if they are relevant to the targeted job. Finally, if you are interested in several types of job, it is best to draw up several versions of your CV.

Have you had an unpleasant job experience? The counsellor recommends not mentioning it. “To speak well about your application, it’s important to love your CV. And since it only shows the years, you can often remove an experience without creating a hole in the timeline.” Without exception, the CV should go back 15 or 20 years, at most, unless you want to report a particularly important experience.

Play to your strengths in your profile

Although the profile appears at the beginning of the CV, Marie-Chantal Germain suggests writing this section at the end, when there is an overall view of your career path. In particular, the number of years of experience, field of specialization and professional aptitudes can be emphasized. Having held several seasonal jobs or temporary jobs demonstrates the ability to adapt and versatility, among others.

Be careful with your approach

Finally, it should be remembered that sending a CV by email is rarely enough to get a seasonal job. A good presentation letter and a proactive approach are essential to distinguish yourself and ensure that your CV lands in good hands!


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