Should you look for a job in the summer?

Is it worthwhile keeping on looking for a job for the three summer months or would it be better to take advantage of it for a break? There are two opposing strategies, both having good arguments…

Last year, a study by Huffington Post Canada found that the months that traditionally had the most job openings were November, February, March and May. On the other hand, December and August where those with the fewest ads for getting a new job. In August, as previously happens in June and July, economic activity traditionally slows down. During these three months, many people take advantage of the fine weather and end of school to go on extended vacations. For candidates, does this also mean they have to take a break in their job search?

Less competition, more opportunity to stand out

The main argument in favour of keeping on with a job search in the summer is the low number of candidates in the market. Mathematically, by being one of them you get the best likelihood of catching the eye of recruiters during these three months. Less competition means having more opportunity to stand out. The job market is certainly slow, but activity does not completely stop and there are opportunities for the more adventurous. Applying during this period can be seen as a sign of tenacity by recruiters who are, moreover, less overwhelmed and therefore more easily reached. Finally, it’s a time of year that is favourable to more relaxed interviews than usual, where you will be more able to present yourself with a lighter outfit.

Fewer offers, time to take a break

Well, done, the search for a job can be considered as a real job in itself. It is tiring, even nerve-wracking, and you need to give yourself a break if it takes a long time. With many recruiters on vacation, maybe it’s the right time to also take a holiday? It’s the opportunity to clear your head and recharge your batteries to be ready to get going and be motivated for starting again in September.

A good compromise – actively staying on standby, just in case

What if the right compromise was to take a break while staying on standby? The summer period is a market of opportunity, with fewer offers than during the rest of the year but still some that should not be missed with the excuse that you were so far from home that you had cut off the phone and social media. Economic activity is slowing down, so do the same! Allow yourself some rest but still be on the lookout for whatever might come up. One short hour a day monitoring the various job search sites may be enough to avoid nail-biting if an ad that matches your needs is posted online. You can also take the opportunity to update your CV and social media profiles. Staying a little active during the period of inactivity is the key.


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