farm laborer

March 28 2024
Expected expiry date: April 25 2024
Industries Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Hunting
Categories Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, Processing
Fannystelle, MB • Full time

Looking for a farm hand for our grain farm and metal fabrication shop. Hours consist from 8-4 but might be longer depending on how seeding and harvest goes.
Experience with agricultural machinery is required and an understanding of metal fabrication as well. Person to be preffered with a skillset of understanding farming and the hours it might require to get the field work done.

Job offers diverse activities throughout the farming season.
Winter time we work full time in metal fabrication shop and will do grain movement when required.

Work Environment: • Opportunity to work with modern well-maintained farm equipment 

Successful candidate will have: • Positive, collaborative attitude • Be able to take on given tasks to completion. • Ability to work evenings and weekends if needed especially in Spring and Fall. • Valid drivers license • Willing to adapt to new situations as they arise. 

Other useful assets may include:  Class 1 driver’s license • Mechanical maintenance • Experience with anhydrous, air seeders or combines. • Experience with GPS and other digital ag technology • Related education like certificate, diploma or training • Good organizational and planning skills. Understanding of welding and concrete might be required for the job. Bilingual in Dutch or german is an asset as we work with summer students during harvest.


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