How To Make Sure You Get Your Seasonal Job Back Next Year

Some organizations hire seasonally, whether for working in day camps, parks, municipal pools or ski resorts. Despite the temporary nature of the job, how can you stand out to be “re-drafted” next season?

All too often, for a seasonal job, there is a massive hiring push, and all employees are on the same level to start off. Real talents stand out as the season passes. So it’s essential to leave a good impression in the hopes of being hired again the following year.

At Ski Saint-Bruno, the largest seasonal job sector is for ski and snowboard monitors, for which over 560 people are hired each winter, mostly students.

“We always support them with training and coaching, because it’s often a first job,” explains Ariane Legault-Grégoire, human resources coordinator. At the end of the season, they are given an assessment and if there has been no negligence or behaviour on their part that contravenes the company’s code of ethics, they are generally taken over.”

The company’s culture must always be reflected in their work and thinking how to approach the customer, a basic criteria for being rehired.

“With Facebook, we know right away if something isn’t working, and it lets us correct the situation with the employees involved,” adds Mrs. Legault-Grégoire. “We also solicit the services of an organization which sends us mystery-shoppers who identify the best picks.”

Sometimes the availability of the employee during a season can play a big role in getting the job back the next year.

“We can have employees with high potential, but their availabilities don’t match our busy hours, so we hire those who are more available first,” says the coordinator.

Also, some employees plan off-season social activities. At Ski Saint-Bruno, a barbecue is arranged in summer with employees who have had good ratings. It’s a human resources prospecting strategy, in order to see who wants to come back, hence the importance of attending this type of event to demonstrate motivation.

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