Articles by Amélie Van De Wynckele


When technological innovations transform the golfing world

Beginner or expert, amateur or professional, player or spectator, we can all benefit from the technologies that have revolutionized the golf world in recent years. As in any sport, the athlete’s performance comes not only from his equipment but also in the precision of his stroke. This is why companies invest significant sums in Research […]

Company life

Things to Do Before Leaving the Office for a Successful Vacation

You may have chosen the destination of your dreams, with quality friends in an idyllic setting, but you will not be able to fully enjoy your vacation if you have not made the necessary preparations before leaving, including at your office. Overview of these little tasks that will let you leave serenely on vacation and […]


When a sabbatical year and students mix

Appearing in Britain in the 1960s, then spreading to the Commonwealth countries, including Canada, the sabbatical year merits interest by students. First off and to clarify a critical point, for this experience to be fulfilling personally and of value to an employer, it must be structured around a project. In other words, you don’t sign […]

Pay and benefits

Salary negotiations: when it pays off to be outrageous

Those who dare abandon their self-consciousness or affected shyness when comes the time for salary negotiations and ask for the sky may be richly rewarded. Read on. This tip—or rather this revelation—comes from the results of a study published in July 2011 in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology. Conducted by Todd J. Thorsteinson of […] network