10 Good Reasons to Work in the Hotel Industry

There are many benefits to working in a hotel. What are they?

1. Acquiring exemplary customer service experience

Hotels are distinguished places, where the staff demonstrate exemplary courtesy and politeness to customers. There is no better school to learn the art of customer service.

2. Knowing how to respond to requests from all directions 

Working in a hotel develops versatility. First of all its because of its many areas of activity: reception, accommodation, housekeeping, catering. Then you can never know exactly what customers are going to expect and require.

3. Learning from the best chefs

Hotels are recognized for their haute cuisine.  Internationally renowned chefs are hired to serve up fine meals accompanied by exquisite desserts. Working in the kitchen will let you rub elbows with the world’s elite chefs.

4. Travelling the world

Generally, hotels have branches everywhere in the world. They like to hire employees that reflect their customers’ cultural diversity. An internship abroad is therefore a possible option.

5. Earning good pay

Working as a host or receptionist at a major Montreal hotel can be expected to earn over $20 an hour.

6. Becoming a manager

Like many institutions, hotels like to promote in-house personnel. With a bit of ambition, the ranks of the organization can be climbed quickly, to become a team leader or get a management position.

7. Welcoming people from all over the world

The hotel is a converging vector of diversity. You can hear every language, rub shoulders with every culture. If you are a curious person, you will love serving customers who have crossed half the planet to stand before you.

8. Seeing luxury close up

If you are a valet, you will have the opportunity to park a new Tesla or Porsche of a wealthy customer.

9. Meeting the stars

Who is in town for shooting this Hollywood film or big-screen show: Brad Pitt, Madonna, Beyoncé? Crossing paths with an international star in your workplace starts off a good day!

10. Cultivating your other ambitions

Hotels provide service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For this reason, they must arrange atypical schedules, including part-time. A job in the hotel sector is very convenient for carrying out other projects at the same time, such as a musical career or starting a small business.

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